Regulation of Rod Genesis in Zebrafish by Polysialic Acid

BrdU Staining

Kustermann et al, 2010. Figure 5. (A, D) polySia expression is not found in proximity to BrdU-stained cells (green). (B) NCAM-stained cells found in proximity with BrdU stained cells, in the marginal region, outer and inner nuclear layers. This is where neurogenesis constantly occurs in the zebrafish retina. (C) NCAM staining is found in the outer and inner nuclear layers, while polySia expression is only found in the central region of the retina. (E) CRALBP expression is found to start in very close proximity to BrdU-stained cells. (F)While CRALBP expression is found to begin at the marginal zone of the retina, polySia expression is localized to the central regions of the retina.

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  1. priyanka khare says:

    i am working on nanoparticle toxicity on L4 stage of Caenorhabditis elegans. I want to do BrdU staining to see the effect of nanoparticle on C.elegans. I have many references of BrdU staining on germ cell but not found anything on invivo staining the c.elegans as a whole
    kindly help me with some appropiate protocol of BrdU staining on C.elegans

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