Puberty Initiation in Mammals: Colocalization of NKB and Kisspeptin

figure 10

Figure 10: Immunofluorescence projections showing co-localization of NKB (red fluorescence, Cy3) and kisspeptin (green fluorescence, Alexa 488) in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) and median eminence (ME), respectively. A–C, Confocal projections (magnification, ×10; 1-μm optical sections) showing immunopositive kisspeptin (A) and NKB (B) profiles and their merged image (C) in a coronal hemisection taken through the ARC. The third ventricle (3V) is seen on the right hand side of the half section. Yellow is the co-localization of NKB with kisspeptin in both ARC and ME. D and E, Higher magnification (×40, 1-μm optical sections) confocal projections taken from the ARC (D) and the ME (E) of the section shown in A–C. It is evident that NKB and kisspeptin in many of the ARC kisspeptin positive perikarya (D) and in kisspeptin axonal projections in the ME (E) are co-localized.

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