Fate-Restricted Digit Tip Regeneration in Mice


Fig. 4. Lineage of Msx1-expressing cells during digit tip regeneration. TdTomato fluorescence from Msx1-CreERT2;R26R-CAG-tdTomato digit tips. (A–A’’’) Descendants at 1 wkPA are in blastema (A’’) and clot (A’’’) but not epidermis (A’–A’’’). (B–B’’) Descendants at 2 wkPA are found in bone and dermis but not epidermis. (C–C’’) Descendants at 3 wkPA have reestablished normal Msx1 expression pattern of the distal tip. (A–C) TdTomato expression with no overlay. (A’–A’’’, B’, B’’, C’, and C’’) Differential interference contrast brightfield images (grayscale) with tdTomato (red) fluorescent overlay. bl, blastema; b, bone; cl, clot; d, dermis; e, epidermis; np, nail plate. (Scale bar, 100 μm.)

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