Fate-Restricted Digit Tip Regeneration in Mice


Fig. 3. Expression of Msx1 during digit tip regeneration. Msx1-nlacZ x-gal stained digit sections during regeneration. PN3 (A) and 3 wk (B) unamputated digits show expression in dorsal and ventral dermis and throughout bone and sweat glands. (C and C’) Expression at 3 dpa is in normal stump domains and in the clot. (D and D’) Expression at 5 dpa is in the clot and a few bone cells where epidermis is closing under the clot (arrow). (E and E’) Expression at 1 wkPA remains in the clot but is absent from the blastema. (F and F’) Expression at 3 wkPA returns to a nonregenerative expression pattern and resembles B. Epidermis is outlined in higher-magnification pictures. bl, blastema; b, bone; c, clot; e, epidermis; np, nail plate; sg, sweat gland. (Scale bars, 200 μm.)

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