Fate-Restricted Digit Tip Regeneration in Mice


Fig. 2. Lineage of Sp7-expressing osteoblasts during digit tip regeneration. X-gal stained Sp7-tTA-tetO-EGFP::Cre;R26R-lacZ digit sections. (A and A’) Images at 2 wkPA show descendants in clot (arrow), bone, and blastema, but not the epidermis. (B and B’) Images at 3 wkPA show descendants in bone and connective tissue but not epidermis. Staining resembles normal 3 wk nonregenerative digit osteoblast contribution (C and C’). Insets in A’–C’ show 40× magnification. bl, blastema; b, bone; ct, connective tissue; e, epidermis. (Scale bars, 100 μm.)

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