Fate-Restricted Digit Tip Regeneration in Mice


Fig. 1. Lineage of Krt14-expressing keratinocytes during digit tip regeneration. (A–E) X-gal stained (blue) Krt14-CreESR;R26R-lacZ digit sections from 3 dpa to 1 wkPA. (F and G) TdTomato (red) fluorescence overlaying differential interference contrast brightfield (grayscale) images of Krt14-CreESR1;R26R-CAG-tdTomato digit sections at 2 wkPA and 3 wkPA. Epidermal retraction and proximal attachment to terminal phalanx occurs between 1 and 3 dpa (A and A’, arrows). Dotted line shows approximate plane of amputation. Distally exposed bone becomes integrated into clot (B, B’, C, and C’) as epidermis covers the amputation site under the clot (C–E and C’–E’). Blastema formation occurs after epidermal closure (D and D’). bl, blastema; b, bone; c, clot; ct, connective tissue; e, epidermis. (Scale bars,100 μm.)

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