Neurospora Crassa: Tunable Light-Induced Protein Expression


Figure 3. The vvd promoter drives stronger expression than the ccg-1 promoter. (A) Expression of tagged GH5-1-GFP under the vvd and ccg-1 promoters was determined by measuring GFP levels in high light exposure (LL). (B) Purified GFP run on the same gel as a standard. (C) Protein levels of GFP/CBH-1 under the ccg-1 promoter (dark grey) and GFP/CBH-1 under the vvd promoter (black) were compared with the standard GFP control (light grey). (D) Transcriptional levels were determined measuring induction of gfp under vvd (dark grey) and ccg-1 (light grey) promoters using RT-qPCR analysis compared with actin.

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