Nematostella vectensis

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Figure 1. Nematostella vectensis (

Nematostella vectensis, more commonly referred to as the starlet sea anemone, is a Cnidarian that resides in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This organism survives by burrowing into the mud of the ocean floor, and therefore has a bulbous basal end and a contracting column. Though the starlet sea anemone is a Eumetazoan with extremely simple tissue organization, it is used as a model organism in several biological fields for many reasons:

  • It possesses stem cells, neurons, muscle fibers, and epithelial cells.
  • N. vectensis typically ranges from 10 to 25 grams in weight.
  • This organism has a mouth but lacks an anus. It also has two tissue layers, a nerve net, and consequently no central nervous system.
  • N. vectensis can reproduce asexually year-round, and sexually during the summer through the fall.

To read more about N. vectensis being used as a model organism to study the role of the CDH23 protein in mechanotransduction, click here.



The starlet sea anemone has a genome of 450 million bases, and was sequenced by Putnam and Rokhsar starting in 2004. This organism has approximately 18,000 protein-coding genes, and of those approximately 7700 are gene linkages that can be found in nematodes and fruit flies (Pennisi, 2014). Rokhsar continued research with Sullivan et al. and created a database for the N. vectensis genome. The database for this genome includes 7868 protein families and 698 oligonucleotide primers.



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