Germline Sex Determination in C. elegans (nematode)


Figure 4: Phenotypes of laf-1(RNAi) and vbh-1(RNAi). Fed wild-type L4 hermaphrodites bacteria expressing laf-1 dsRNA, vbh-1 dsRNA, both laf-1 and vbh-1 dsRNA, or empty vector, and scored the phenotypes of their offspring over a period of 3 days. The percentage of offspring displaying each phenotype was calculated for each of n mothers, and the values reported are the mean percentage±one standard deviation. Results that are significantly different from empty vector (unpaired t-test, pb0.01) are indicated in boldface. “Other defects” includes sterility, slow growth, larval arrest, bursting, and post-embryonic death (Hubert et al, 2009).

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