Diversity in insect axis formation: two orthodenticle genes and hunchback act in anterior patterning and influence dorsoventral organization in the honeybee (Apis mellifera)


Figure 8. Expression and regulation of Am-gt CRM in Drosophila embryos. (A-D) Am-gt CRM embryos stained for lacZ RNA. Embryos are oriented anterior left, dorsal up. (A) Weak background expression is seen in stage 1 embyros. (B,C) Stage 5 embryos display an anterior domain of expression. (D) Dorsal view of a stage 6 embryo showing expression in a dorsal domain. (E) Expression of Am-gt CRM in a homozygous otd -/- embryo. Expression in the anterior domain is reduced. (F) Expression in a hb -/- embryo showing loss of expression. (G) lacZ reporter expression in a zen -/- embryo showing loss of dorsal expression. (H) Expression in a cad -/- mutant embryo with ubiquitous ectopic expression.

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