Spring 2015 working schedule

This is a working, or draft schedule of topics for Spring 2015. The schedule may be adjusted during the semester. The research papers for discussion are also subject to change.

Date Topic Resources
5-Jan Questions of developmental biology; model organisms
7-Jan Sporulation in B. subtilis
9-Jan B. subtilis sporulation Camp et al. 2011
12-Jan B. subtilis sporulation Camp et al. 2011
14-Jan Yeast mating type differentiation http://www.devbio.biology.gatech.edu/?page_id=30
16-Jan Asymmetric cell division in yeast http://www.wikigenes.org/e/gene/e/853650.html
19-Jan MLK Holiday
21-Jan Asymmetric cell division in yeast Niedner et al. 2013
23-Jan Dictyostelium discoideum http://www.devbio.biology.gatech.edu/?page_id=34
26-Jan Dictyostelium discoideum abstract & introduction of Saito et al. 2008
28-Jan Dictyostelium slug patterning; take-home quiz 1 posted Chen & Schaap 2012
30-Jan Quiz 1 in-class
group discussion
Chen & Schaap 2012
2-Feb C. elegans maternal effect mutations & cytoplasmic determinants
4-Feb A-P patterning in C. elegans Motegi et al. 2011
6-Feb Endoderm specification in C. elegans
9-Feb Drosophila gametogenesis and embryogenesis http://www.devbio.biology.gatech.edu/?page_id=44
11-Feb Drosophila maternal genes Frohnhofer et al. 1985; Nusslein-Volhard et al. 1987
13-Feb Drosophila A-P axis determination  Eric Wieschaus video
16-Feb Drosophila dorso-ventral axis patterning Kugler & Lasko 2009
18-Feb Drosophila paper discussion Cho et al. 2012
20-Feb homeo box genes Lemons & McGinnis 2006
23-Feb Sea urchins & deuterostomes – fertilization http://www.devbio.biology.gatech.edu/?page_id=396
25-Feb Midterm 2 Take-home quiz 2 in-class discussion
27-Feb Cleavage and gastrulation
2-Mar amphibians axis formation http://www.devbio.biology.gatech.edu/?page_id=49
4-Mar Spemann’s organizer and comparative vertebrate embryology http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2006/07/17/the-evolution-of-deuterostome/
6-Mar mesoderm induction Birsoy et al. 2006
9-Mar Zebrafish development (1) Early endoderm development) Ober et al., 2003
11-Mar Zebrafish development (2) Liver and pancreas development
13-Mar Zebrafish development (3) Transgenic techniques Suster et al., 2009
16-20 Mar Spring Break
23-Mar Mouse development (1) Heart development Olson, 2006
25-Mar Mouse development (2) Fate decision Wandzioch and Zaret, 2009
27-Mar Mouse development (3) Epigenetics
30-Mar Stem cells (1) Induced pluripotent stem cells Takahashi and Yamanaka, 2006
1-Apr Stem cells (2) Embryonic stem cells Pagliuca et al., 2014
3-Apr In-class exam
6-Apr Stem cells (3) Neural stem cells Lavado et al., 2013 
8-Apr Stem cells (4) Hematopoietic stem cells  Martin et al., 2011
10-Apr Peer review practice
13-Apr Stem cells (5) Reprogramming
15-Apr Regeneration (1) Heart I
17-Apr Regeneration (2) Heart II Zhang et al., 2013
20-Apr Regeneration (3) Liver Huang et al., 2014
22-Apr Regeneration (4) Insulin secreting beta cells Andersson et al., 2012
24-Apr Course review and wrap-up
27-Apr Final exam on last 1/4 of course 11:30 – 2:20

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