Biol 4464

This is a Developmental Biology learning resource for students of developmental biology, primarily advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students.  Most of the content on this site is created, reviewed, and updated by students enrolled in Biol 4464/Biol 8803 Developmental Biology.

Faculty providing editorial and administrative oversight for this site are:

Jung Choi –

Chong Shin –

Learning Outcomes: Students should think like a developmental biologist, and be able to:

  1. Pose questions and hypotheses concerning developmental processes that are amenable to experimental testing.
  2. Outline experiments or experimental strategies to test specific hypotheses concerning developmental processes.
  3. Analyze published experimental procedures and data to determine if the authors’ conclusions are warranted.
  4. Identify appropriate model organisms for testing hypotheses or models about different aspects of development.
  5. Communicate current findings, ideas and models of developmental processes to peers, both orally and on the web.

My Philosophy of What Is Important:

Even an expert can no longer command more than a fraction of the information in even a subfield of biology. That’s why we have textbooks and databases. The names of genes and proteins, their particular activities in particular pathways – will change as our understanding advances. What is more important is that we integrate the information to build models and hypotheses, test them rigorously, and properly interpret experimental results.

Honor Code:

Students are expected to abide by Georgia Tech’s honor code ( We will specify for each assignment what is and is not allowable in terms of collaboration. Plagiarism is never allowable – all writing must be in the student’s own words, AND students must cite or acknowledge all sources of ideas, text, and images or figures. Any direct quotes or excerpts must be clearly identified as such, with quotation marks or as inset text, with citations.

1 Response to Biol 4464

  1. Ahmet Arslan says:

    I would like to congragulate Dr Jung Choi and his students. It is well prepared for the students who are just introduced to immunobiology. In permitted I like to use some of it including the video.
    Best regards to Biol 4464 class and a happy new year.
    Ahmet Arslan,
    Prof of Medical Biology Dept
    Medical Faculty
    Gaziantep Univ
    Gaziantep, Turkey

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