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Welcome to Developmental Biology Interactive. The emergence of the social web promises to profoundly affect the way people learn, by sharing information and personal perspective. This site is an experiment to see if some well-developed social networking tools can engage learners, help them understand current science, and develop their skills to evaluate, analyze, distill, and communicate cutting-edge science.

Here, when students write and post their articles, they are writing not for the instructor, but for their peers and indeed anyone in the world with internet access and a browser. Moreover, this is a collaborative effort; students work in groups to organize and coordinate content, students and instructor(s) together establish both subject matter and standards for content.  And of course, we welcome comments, questions and feedback from the world at large!

You can browse these pages by model organism, from the Model Organisms page and drop-down menu. As you highlight different model organisms, subpages addressing specific questions will appear. Of course, you can immediately jump to any of the pages listed on the right-hand column, under Pages.

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